Dataset of Vietnamese teachers’ habits and motivation behind continuous professional development programs participation

Authors: Thanh-Thao Thi Phan, Ngoc-Thuy Ta, Viet-Anh Phu Duong, Anh-Duc Hoang

Journal: Data in Brief


Abstract: In every educational system, teacher development has a vital role in its sector and the health of the social, cultural, and economic sectors. For this redeeming feature, all stakeholders such as education policymakers, school superintendents, and school faculties make a big room for teachers’ improvement throughout continuous professional development (CPD) provisions. However, to embark on a new educational adventure is a challenging target to meet, especially when the teacher frames their teaching and learning concept years after years. We decided to survey Vietnamese teachers’ habits and motivation to trace their origin back to teachers’ partaking reason in these programs. This dataset acquisition occurred from 24 Sep 2019 to 26 Mar 2020 and approached public and private schools (using traditional, bi-lingual, or international curriculum). Overall, the dataset includes 464 observations (263 Vietnamese teachers and 202 expatriate teachers) from 48 K-12 schools across Vietnam. The researchers divided this dataset into three main sections, including (i) The demographic information; (ii) Teacher’s CPD habits; and (iii) Teacher’s perceptions concerning Project-based and Problem-based Learning (PBL).

Keywords: Teacher professional development; Continuous professional development; K-12 School; Vietnam; Public education; Private education

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