Realistic Mathematics Education in Vietnam: Recent Policies and Practices

Authors: Thao Phuong Thi, Hang Thu Vu Ngo, Ngoc-Anh Hoang, Trung Tran, Hiep-Hung Pham, Van-Nghi Bui

Keywords: Realistic Mathematics Education, Analytical framework for RME, Mathematic education policy, Mathematics curriculum, General education, Vietnam

Journal: International Journal of Education

DOI: 10.30564/jiep.v2i4.1309

Citation: Thi, T. P., Ngo, H. T. V., Hoang, N. A., Tran, T., Pham, H. H., & Bui, V. N. (2020). REALISTIC MATHEMATICS EDUCATION IN VIETNAM: RECENT POLICIES AND PRACTICES. International Journal of Education8(1), 57-71.

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