Who is EdLab?

EdLab is a non-profit RnD institution based in Vietnam. We are a sustainable think-tank of young and qualified educational researchers, as well as a research-based educational philanthropy do-tank. Our work is to inspire educators, develop skilled researchers and grow strong educational leaders through action research, academic research and social campaigns. 

Whom does EdLab supporting?

We empower and elevate K-12 teachers, educational researchers and school managers through our social projects for low or zero cost (for public schools), or consulting projects (for private schools).

What is EdLab doing?

Our activities can be listed as five main categories of output:

(1)Pedagogical literacy publications

(2) Professional Development activities for educators

(3) Action research with particular schools or communities

(4) Essential educational research and comparative research among Vietnam, SEA and Asia. 

(5) Researcher resource development 

How can I get informed?

You can either:

How can I support EdLab?

You can either:

  • Give us a thumbs up in your most favorite way!
  • Give us any feedback which you have!
  • Volunteer for any of our activities
  • Introduce us to your friends
  • Sponsor for a research project
  • Sponsor for one or many teachers to join our E-learning portal or offline workshop

Who can join EdLab?