YOUnified is an annual community service initiative that celebrates YSEALI’s anniversary on December 3 and the power of YSEALI members to positively transform their communities across Southeast Asia. YOUnified combines the words YOUTH and UNIFIED to demonstrate YSEALI members’ ingenuity in developing solutions to local, national and regional challenges.

Title: Learning How to Learn
Organizer: EdLab Asia
Contact Information: [email protected]
Venue Name: To be defined
Address: To be defined
City: Hanoi
Date: 15-Dec
Start Time: 8:30 AM
Estimated Duration: Half-day
Description: Are you a young teacher who yearning to elevate the impact on your educational journey? Have you ever thought about how do our brain perform thinking and learning? What and how could we enhance instructional design by understanding our brain better? Let’s discover our brains together on a workshop “Learning How to Learn”. The workshop will be delivered by EdLab Asia, authorized and licensed by Barbara Oakley and Terrence Sejnowski, authors of the Coursera MOOC Learning How to Learn.

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